day 9 – day 4 of 2nd try, and baywatch

woke up late from the late night hike. not late enough, just had 4 hours sleep. wife originally wanted to sunbathe, but she was already slightly sunburnt from yesterdays’s SUP paddling. Slept again during lunch time. originally planned to cycle in the afternoon, but my wife felt muscle aches, so we considered today as a rest day. The day was generally hot and sunny. we decided to watch a movie late afternoon instead. we watched baywatch. It was an action comedy with a hint of drama, starring zac efron and dwayne johnson, with cameos from david hasslehoff and pamela anderson. saw a few bloopers during the credit, but didn’t stay till the end.

we broke our fast in the middle of the movie with some water. my wife ate some cashew nuts, and I had a few. later we went through jollibee drive thru to get her a proper meal. after she was done, I ate the leftovers, specifically the bones like I usually do. feels a lot like I am simulating for myself the meal of someone in poverty. 

I realize another programming I had about food is I shouldn’t waste any. not a single bit. this also showed up the night before withthe M&M’s, what I didn’t share was that single m&m’s actually dropped from the offering hand, and I almost instinctively picked it up, cleaned it up and ate it. westerners call it the 5 second rule, but in islam it is actually a habit that is taught, to pick up a dropped food, clean it up, recite bismillah, and eat it.

lowest weight measured of the day is 86.8kg. didn’t expect to see 86 till a few more days, must be compounding water and fat loss from the late afternoon  cycling and the late night  hike. also something to note, today my lips were so dry that some peeled off. I thought I drank enough as my urine was actually clear in the morning. I guess I didn’t have enough. but I feel bloated when i drink now. either shrinking stomache or slower absorption. looks like I may have to continously drink small quantitites, as drinking in one go doesn’t seem to absorb most of the water into my system.


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