Day 10 – 5th day of 2nd try

It has already been 10 days of Ramadhan, more than a third of the month has gone. and I have gone from 93kg to 86.4kg. a total of 7kg. I am tempted to continue this fast to lose more.  According to my scale, I am 22% body fat, and according to what I read in 4 hour body, I need to go 12-15 percent to show abs. tempted to lose that 10% more, just through the water fast. at 86kg. I just need to lose 8.6kg more. that’s just 1 more week of water fast.

Monday is working day, spent it in preparation for Tuesday and Wednesday where I am conducting a workshop. Went home a bit late hoping to skip the traffic jam, but ended up with a traffic jam caused by a self accident car. Originally we wanted to cycle, but we overslept that we skipped cycling to buy food for my wife. She couldn’t finish her food, and I was internally pressured again to finish it up. It wasn’t that much, but still. I rationalize that I have been feeling shaky and had a few muscle spasms. so reasoned to myself that I should take a bit to supplement myself.

Slept early in preparation for an early day tomorrow.


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