Day 11 – day 6th of 2nd try, and why this is not a new diet.

A friend asked me about my interesting new diet. I answered that is not really new. As fasting has been practiced for centuries,  even the 7 day fast, upto 30 days even. But yes, I am new to testing it out.

I have been wanting to try it out since last year, when I stumbled onto intermittent fasting during the last ramadhan.  As I was looking into how I can maintain my weight especially during the month of shawal. As i looked into it I found out some people even water fasted for 7 days. I found out one of my favorite authors, Timothy ferris actually does it periodically. So i have been meaning to since last year, but I have often allowed circumstances to be an excuse.  Usually it is a social reason,  dining with my wife,  or family or friends, and free food being offered.

My previous longest intermittent fast has reached a bit more than 24 hours, meaning i had only 1 meal a day. I guess that may have made it easier to fast longer easily.

Today was a bit more challenging, as I was conducting a workshop from 8am till 3pm. My mouth was dry at a certain point, and my dry lips flaked off by itself during my talk. 

My break I went strictly water, not a single taste of anything my wife was eating. I think I wasn’t tempted as much because I have tasted it before.

As I go to sleep I am actually imagining my feast tomorrow. In the first days of fast I was impressed with how I could last that I was tempted to do 30 days, but looking at all the tempations, I don’t think I will. I might continue to do a 2 or 3 day fast with a meal at the end, especially social dining with family, which is inevitable. 

But I am also looking forward to losing more weight, and testing my sports performance at the end of the fasting month, specifically running and cycling. Especially since my weight has gone down significantly. Although I am afraid my swimming performance might suffer, as less fat may cause me to sink more, but my “thinner” frame might be more streamline. I guess we will see. 

Weight update. Minimum weight of the day 85.5kg. A surprised jump from 86.4 the previous day. Probably more water loss due to speaking most of the day. 


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