Day 12 – 7 day fast and a big break, and where did all that fat go?

Finally, the 7th day… of generally no eating (with a few spoonfuls and slivers, etc) and interestingly, no defecating. Only breaking the fast with water. I have begun to feel some muscle weakness as well as muscle pains, but that latter I think is from standing too long the day before. And today is another day with me standing up and speaking a lot. I just realized that teachers may experience this issue too. In my previous post I mentioned I couldn’t sleep last night, so I had a power nap during midday. planned a 15 min nap. but ended up with a 30 minute nap.

My wife wanted to do a ride in the afternoon before we go break our fast at her favorite steak restaurant. so we cycled, originally she wanted to do an hour, but after 5km in 20mins, she settled for just 10km ride. As she started to feel some pain in her knees and ankles. At least the last few kilometers, she pushed herself a bit, especially that last hill, and she burned more energy than usual in the same allocated time.

20170604 afternoon cycling

After the cycle we had a quick light fast with just water, changed our clothes and went to the restaurant. They actually had a buffet, but after looking at it, I didn’t want to because they weren’t serving what I wanted (or craved that I have been dreaming since last night), also slightly scared that I would overindulge. As I ate, I realized that I was eating a lot slower than usual, I was chewing the food more, enjoying the every single molecule of taste in that food (damn, now I’m salivating…), as I ended the meal with a dessert. I was realizing, as much as I feel like I can eat more, I decided not to order anything else. The thought that I can stand 7 days fast, I don’t have to eat for survival. at least not for that day. All this time, I have been thinking, “oh, I need to eat or else I won’t have the energy to train or recover. And now I realize I don’t have to, I can just enjoy the food that I have. But I am not sure, if my mentality of finishing up wasted food can be removed.

Update on the weight. Before the fast, the minimum weight I got was a surprising 84.8kg. that is more than 8kg of weight loss. As much as I would like to lose more weight now. and  reach my teenager weight of 79kg. I am giving myself some relief from the mental and physical pressures. I will spend the next 7 days with a normal fast with a moderate meal. but I will do 1 more 7 day fast before the end of the month. So for the next few days, I can go to social break fasts with friends and family.

Finally today, someone asked me about the safety or efficacy of training during fasted. to be precise, they were afraid of muscle loss. I think the best article to answer that question is on Dr Jason Fung’s Website. The article shows the following graph.


The graph shows days of fasting over time, and the relevant energy sources. It shows that that carbohydrate is used up as soon as the fast starts, and drops. The fat use increases in the next few days,  but interestingly the protein is used up initially in the first day or so, but the decline is practically flat after that.

Another interesting question that popped up today was… where those all that weight go?

Considering that I didn’t poop, one person suggested its from urine, but this was a question asked on scishow before.

In general, Fat is combined with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide, water, and energy. In the video they even had an example of 10 kg fat. Where:

10kg of fat + 29kg of oxygen = 28kg of Carbon Dioxide + 11kg of Water

So technically the urine answer is correct! as water is often loss as urine, sweat or from respiration.


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