Day 14 – reflecting in the middle of the month

Had a workshop to conduct in the morning. Its interesting that the pace of the class is slower than usual. Something about fasting and waking up early in the morning makes people think and act slow.

Friday prayers sermon shared something about reflecting on the achievements in the first 2 weeks of the fasting month.

In the afternoon, my wife bought her favorite grilled fish and chicken, and then we went out for a ride.

I was impressed as my wife was able to maintain almost 20kmph even with all the hill climbs.

As we went home, we dropped by a restaurant to originally buy just some satay, but ended up breaking the fast there as it was already the time when we arrived there. While we were there we noticed that a lot of the people at the restaurant were eating a lot, while we didn’t eat as much.

At home, we ate the grilled fish and chicken that wife bought, and then my wife prepared some veggie fruit juice.

Then we slept early as she she has an early morning tomorrow for her standup paddle course.

Weight update 86.1 kg.


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