Day 16 – 4 hours sleep, swimming, and ambuyat

last night hike finished after 12, arrived home before 1, slept at around 1, my alarm woke me up at 5:45am, so I could arrive to the workplace before 7am. Note that today is not a work day as it is a Sunday, but someone is renting the place, and someone has to be there to open and take care of the place. While I was there I took the opportunity of doing something I have been meaning to do, learn android programming.

I have created a few android apps, but they were all using the service to create simple apps. But it has an annual fee of $99. So I have been meaning to learn actual programming, so I can create my apps from scratch. that was 2 years ago. I realized I haven’t done anything since other than purchasing the books, ebooks and online training programmes, but I haven’t peeked into them, until now. So far today I was able to do a simple discount calculator app. It was simple, but I was thinking this in itself can be extended to a loan calculator, BMI calculator, etc. I look forward to learn more, especially to replace my existing Android apps.

After Zuhor I felt my lack of sleep catching up, so I went for a power nap that lasted half an hour. At 3pm I had to leave for home to pick up my wife to bring her along to my swimming class in a hotel in Brunei. My student wasn’t muslim, and he wasn’t fasting, but he was tired none the less. So we focused on relax technique and some breathing exercises.

The break fast, my wife shared that she has been craving ambuyat since last night, so I decided to indulge her. Surprisingly there was some empty tables at the restaurant. We were expecting a lot of people, or even fully booked. My guess is either people are out of cash to splurge already, or that some people are outstationed. Either Kota Kinabalu or Miri. For the meal we ordered to usual ambuyat set, at the end I was surprised to be able to recognize the feeling of fullness. Previously, I could eat the same amount and still feel I could eat more. The fast may have either shrunk my stomache, or have sensitized my sense of fullness. I noticed again how other people ordered a lot, I was happy to see some tables were eaten clean, but dismay to see others that weren’t finished properly. I understand that people tend to order more food than they can actually finish. I guess it is a survival mechanism, better to order more and be full, than order less and be left wanting more.

Weight Update is 88.7kg, I had hoped that my weight of 87kg was the stable one, but it seems my weight is still gaining, looks like the break fast was significantly heavy. or my wife’s juice contains carbs that my body absorbs easily. tempted to try a 7 day juice fast to see effect of the juice fast to my body.  🤔

As we went home, a friend shared there will be a night ride at 9:30pm. My wife and I discussed whether we should join, as she was afraid to be left behind, in the end we decided to, but the weather turned to a heavy rain. It settled down after 10pm.  So we didn’t manage to join. Took the opportunity to watch Penny Dreadful on Netflix. I was realizing how these old dark monsters are becoming famous again. I ended up dozing at some point. Turned off my alarm to oversleep the next day, as it was a Public Holiday for Nuzul Quran. I actually woke up after 5am automatically anyway.


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