Day 17 – Holiday, Afternoon Bike and Family Feast

Monday is another public holiday. planned to sleep in again. But, woke up early anyway. We went out to do some grocery shopping for the family feast later. I did have a powernap mid-day. Went early to my mom’s home after 4pm, so that we could cycle before the feast.

20170712 afternoon ride

It has been a while since I cycled from Tanah Jambu to anywhere. We cycled to Hutan Simpanan Berakas and Back. I was surprised to see the gates to HSB was closed. Overall my wife’s average speed has improved, especially going up hills.

We arrived Tanah Jambu about half an hour before the break, and we took a bath and change our clothes before the the break. The food was quite plenty. I was afraid that even with all the people there, there would be a lot of leftovers. I was glad that I was wrong.  There was a few interesting food and drink, in one case there was a 1.5L drink that is basically 7up with mint leaves and lemon slices, that was sold for $10. Representing what I dislike about the food industry. Especially, when they make it look like its healthy, but its obviously (in my perspective anyway) that it is not.

My weight has gone up to 89kg. I am beginning to think I need to reduce my food intake significantly to maintain the weight loss. Even with a fast.


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