Daily Archives: 2017/06/15

Day 20 – Giving up on another 7 day fast

The day started with a few meetings, went home a bit late. I don’t remember the road having as much traffic jams as I experience during the fasting month. Arrived home to a Delicious smell and I realize that I won’t be able to say no to the food during the break. Apparently the will power to say no to food has diminished. Especially if my wife was cooking, that is my kryptonite, and she hasn’t cooked in a while. If this is the case, then I won’t be able to say no to a lot of things. When the break came, I kept in mind not to over eat, at the end, my tummy felt full, but I still felt a craving. We went out afterwards to buy some groceries, and I was tempted to buy ice cream for myself. But the line was too long, that I didn’t want to wait with all the groceries to get a single ice cream.

Watched Aloha Fluffy on netflix


It’s cool how he reminds everyone that not everyone in Saudi Arabia is as extremist as the news (Fox News) make them out to be.

Before my sleep I did a few stretches to hopefully fix my aching tendons and ankles, as the pain is familiar to plantar fasciitis but on a different location, on the sides instead of the soles of the foot.





Day 19 – failed juice fast, night swim class, and late night run

Weight update. 88.9kg.

Worked in the morning. Dropped by post office to pick up some parcels. It was my wife’s items, I am still waiting foer my other stuff. updated my garmin software on watch and PC, found there was a widget for prayer times. Came home late to try avoid traffic jam, but there was traffic anyway.

My wife bought some food. Originally wanted to just eat kurma and drink juice, but emded up eating a bit more.

I had a swim class at 9pm. Pool is only open 9pm-10pm during ramadhan. Thankfully they rang the bell exactly 9pm and not earlier. Met with a few other swimmers triathletes training in the basement pool. They originally wanted to swim at the lap pool, but it seemed greenish with some algae. 

After class finished, I decided to go for a run. 5km run at pace 6.5. I was surprised to feel some strain on my inner right ankle, and a side stitch on my left. I withstood the pain of the stitches, ran slow to keep the pain bearable. I think my body is not used to running as it used to. I might need to start with short distances again. I will have to decrease my distance and intensities for my next runs. Maybe 3km at pace 7.

Came home before 12am, and slept not long after I went to bed. 

I think I need to set my mind up the way I did when I tried the fast the first time. I am not sure what exactly I did. I might be losing some will power. I need to focus on why I want to do the long fast. Which is to lose body weight, so I can be faster on the bike and on the run.