Day 25 – Waking up Late, Meeting, and Heaviest Iftar Yet

Somehow I woke up late today, after almost the whole month of waking up early. My guess the lack of sleep on Sunday and Monday caught up to me today. Didn’t wake up at all. Slept through my alarms. I was late for an early morning meeting, thankfully it was moved up to a later time. Decided to take a leave the next day to catch up on rest on the next day.

Afternoon, my wife went grocery shopping for cooking and juicing for the next few days. After that went off to a Restaurant to have our break with my wife’s favorite cousin and husband. Initially, I was going to do what I usually do at buffets, which was in general taste every single food available. But somehow this time I was a bit more selective. Took a spoonful of selected foods, but my plate ended up full anyway. Another strategy is to not drink so much, as liquid will make the stomach full faster. At the end, I had a mix feeling about the end of the buffet. On one hand, I was disappointed, that I couldn’t eat as much as I used to, either a sign of age, or a sign that my stomach is shrinking. On the other hand, I was relieved to know that my stomach can actually shrink, so I am unable to eat to binge or glutton as I used to. Specifically, I used to be able to do 3 rounds of the main course, and have some space for all the desserts. But this time I could only do 2 rounds of the main course, and a bit of space for some desserts. The food that I specifically ate were nasi lemak (fatty rice? oily rice?), fried noodles, crab, chicken, fish fillet, (hey I just realized there wasn’t any beef),  some water melon and papaya, some cakes.  I think drink too much water after eating a lot of food that were expandable caused my stomach to be bloated and caused some discomfort.

I went to the toilet twice to release pressure and for some bowel movement. Technically 3 times as one time I went to the lobby toilet, but it was being cleaned with a sign stating “please go to the 1st floor toilet”, but I went up and found a similar sign but stating “go to the lobby toilet”. So I had to wait a bit longer. But  after the meal was done, Me and my wife decided to walk it off, as my wife was looking for a comfortable walking shoe. Another annoyance came as we walked to one shoe shop that had a sign saying it closes at 10:30pm, but at 9:52pm, the closed sign was already turned. Well no sales for you from us then. Thankfully as the night went by the stomach ache subsided. But I remembered that during the meal, I didn’t drink much. I have a slight fear that when I fast, I would be dehydrated, so I forced myself to drink water, but taking care not to overfill the stomach. That night I slept like a log.


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