Day 27 – back and forth to the post office, equilibrium, and big meal with the father-in-law

The morning before going to work, I dropped by the post office to send my DNA swab for DNAFit, as well as to pick up a few parcels. Paying for the delivery I didn’t have small change, so I went out to buy fuel to break my hundred and go back to the post office. When I went to the office, there was another parcel delivery card, so I had to go back to the post office again.

At work I was preparing for the workshop the next day. After work spent a significant amount of time to post the previous days blog on my bicycle purchase and review.

Went home after 3pm, getting ready to go to KB to dine with my father-in-law, with rest of my wife’s siblings. On the way, we dropped by tutong to visit my wife’s late mother’s grave. And before reaching the house in KB, we dropped by a convenience store to buy a few extra things. When we were at the KB home we were surprised to see a lot of food, leftovers from the fathers foodstall business, but even more surprising was the fact we all finished it anyway, while I personally didn’t eat until I was bloated. Just enough when I was full. I had a chicken rice, fried prawns,, popiah ubi and sayur, grilled sting ray, kueh malaya, coconut water, cendol and teh tarik. Dessert was my wife’s nutella mini cake with some ice cream.

Drove home while watching/listening to equilibrium on netflix, a cult dystopian classic starring christian bale before he was batman.

Check out “equlibrium” on netflix

At home my wife prepared juice before going to sleep. I couldnt sleep that night, despite knowing I have a workshop the next morning. I was reading stuff online. At 1am I told myself that I can only function with a minimum of 4 hour sleep, so closed my mobile phone, and did some breathing and relaxation exercises that helped me to go to sleep.


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