Raya day 1 – the 3 fathers – late father, father-in-law, and stepfather

1st day raya, woke up 5am, pondered if I wanted to do an early morning run or ride. Didn’t.  Weighed myself at 87.2kg.

10am prepped to go to a annual function on my late father’s side. My uncle often organizes it. The only time I get to see all my relatives on my father’s side. To be honest, I don’t know half of the people. Especially considering my father’s severed relationship with them. I grew up rarely seeing most of them. Arrived late, missed the tahlil, just when they all started eating. Ate fish fillet, some rice, chicken, some water melon. Nearing the end of the meal my uncle did a quiz on our lineage. I didn’t get to answer any of the questions. As I was leaving, salam (malay/Muslim version of shaking hands) with my 7ncles and some cousins, met my grandfather, he hasn’t attended this function in a long time. Might be last 5 years since my father died. 

12 pm, picked up one of my wife’s sister and her kids from lamunin, to go to Kuala Belait to my father-in-law. Met with the sibling in laws (is that a thing?) all the nephews and nieces made the house so lively. Had beef soup, cucur udang, some vegetables, a lightly spicy fried floured chicken, a banana and a drink soya bean. After that had a group photo before visiting a close family friend of in laws, a few minutes drive nearby.  There I had spaghetti, some rice, prawn, beef, and a fruit cocktail drink in sweetened milk.

4pm. Left and sent back the sister with kids to lamunin, had a pitstop at home in kulapis to go to the toilet, and to throw away the rubbish bags from house cleaning yesterday. Then headed to meet with my mother along with my stepfather who was headed towards his relatives at jangsak.

Before 6pm. We arrived jangsak a few minutes before my mother and stepfather. 2 tanah jambu family members were missing, one was working offshore, another probably has a shift coming up. I had a few pieces chocolate cakes with chocolate cornflakes, and a can of pepsi. My nose at this point started to sniffle, it was only later at home I remembered that this house has cats along with other exotic pets, which might have triggered my runny nose. Went to the house next door for dinner, which then I had some Kampung rice, yellow rice, beef in soysauce, and I think was goat in curry, and sayur umbut (boiled bamboo shoots cooked in coconut milk).

7pm, we left for home. 5 houses and I was already bloated and gassy. In my youth I seem to remember hitting at least 10 houses in a single day. But then again not all of those houses had buffets. During my time we walked around to go from house to house, I didn’t see any kids walking around today. Heard a few more firecrackers tonight, but not so close to home this time.

I couldn’t properly sleep with a gassy tummy and a stuffed and runny nose. Didn’t flush and drain my nose properly while taking a bath. Used the buteyko method of controlled hypoxic breathing to help clear my nose enough for me to sleep comfortably. Slept before midnight, but woke up at 3am, slept back after 5am.


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