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Treating gastric with milk may make it worst

A quick Google search shows that it is the case for the m majority of gastritis sufferers.

According to the website

Although stress and spicy foods don’t cause gastritis and ulcers, they can make symptoms worse. Milk might provide brief relief, but it also increases stomach acid, which can worsen symptoms. Your doctor may recommend taking antacids or other drugs to reduce acid in the stomach.

I understand gastritis to be a serious problem for some people. And this suggestion triggered me a bit. Knowing from some of my friends and family who suffer from gastritis who actually experience it getting worse after drinking milk.

What I noticed what works for most of them is eating alkaline foods like leafy vegetables.


Supposedly a kidney doctor advised against drinking cold water or soft drinks

The following is a whatsapp post in a group I am in.

*Ketua Hospital Kerajaan Dr. Adib Rizvi, pakar buah pingang memohon agar semua Muslim menahan diri dari minum sebarang air gas. Terutama air gas yg sejuk dalam bulan Ramadan akan datang ini. Kata beliau setelah berpuasa sepanjang hari buah pinggang akan kekeringan, buah pinggang akan berhenti dengan meminum air sejuk ini. Semua minuman sejuk seperti 100plus, Coke, Pepsi, Fanta, Miranda, 7up, Sprite, Mountain Dew dan lain lain hendaklah dielakkan sepenuhnya. Adalah lebih baik minum jus buah buahan segar tanpa ais.*
*Sebelum bulan ramadan tiba, tolong sebarkan makluman ini kepada semua Muslim yang anda kenal, agar kita sihat untuk bribadat.*

A quick google seaech on dr adib rizvi showed that the person cited denied he ever posted nor stated such things.

Now I am not promoting drinking of softdrinks, as I personally have reduced drinking high carbohydrate foods and drinks when I can. But this info is just ridiculous stating the kidneys will stop functioning when you drink soft drinks. If it did you would ve dead in a few weeks.

It will however happen if you were dehydrated, soft drink whether hot or cold is better than being dehydrated.

Looking into it further though, some cola drinks have been found to cause kidney stones.

consumption of 2 or more cola beverages per day was associated with an increased risk of chronic kidney disease. We saw no increase in risk associated with consumption of noncola carbonated beverages, or with noncola caffeinated beverages.

Mostly attributed to the phosphoric acid in the drinks.
According to

Watch “Can a Man Swim 5,500 Miles Across the Pacific Ocean? Introducing The Swim” on YouTube

This is gonna be interesting to follow.

Plastic causes cancer (unconvincing scientific evidence)

*PERSATUAN DOKTOR2 AMERIKA* telah memberi jawapan kepada punca *penyakit kanser.*

1). *JANGAN minum* menggunakan _*cawan pelastik.*_
2). *JANGAN makan* makanan panas / pedas yg menggunakan _*pembungkus pelastik.*_
3). *JANGAN memanaskan* makanan dalam microwave menggunakan _*bekas pelastik.*_

Apabila pelastik bersentuh dgn haba, akan terhasil bahan kimia yg boleh menyebabkan _*52 jenis kanser.*_

Dari itu sms ini adalah lebih baik daripada 100 sms yg tidak berfaedah.
Beritahu orang yg anda sayangi agar mereka bebas dari kesan tersebut.


According to a few articles, and specifically the cancer research in uk at

It is unsubstantiated, specifically they state repetitively “there is no convincing scientific evidence to back up these claims or to suggest that any of these products could cause cancer.

Overnight onion creates toxic bacteria – fake

Its amazing what people will share without fact checking.

The following are the sources I found regarding the topic that proves its fake.

For me its usually obvious, but for most people they allow their fears to take over their judgement.

In this case, the keyword that I noticed it wasn’t scientific was the phrase “creates toxic bacteria”.

Another is that it doesn’t have any legitimate sources to substantiate its claims.

I am going to start sharing some of the things I receive in my whatsapp and commenting on them here. I find it annoying sometimes the inaccurate info that people share. Usually I just reply back in the message, but this time I am going to post on my website and share on my facebook automatically.