Interviewed on the radio

Conducted a Leadership Camp Programme in April 2018, one of the participants was a DJ from pelangi fm, she Interviwed me a week later, and my interview was aired on national radio.

I mostly talked about my job at LiveWIRE Brunei as a Business Counsellor, teaching and helping people starting and running their business. I spent the last half of it talking about me teaching swimming at night.

I find a lot of similarities between coaching someone in business, and coaching someone in swimming.

I was highlighted on the pelangi fm instagram at

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Bersama GENERASI 914 – Mohamad Fadhilullah Tudun bin Haji Hassan @bobby Senior Business Counsellor at LiveWIRE Brunei And Swimming instructor at Effortless Swim. Loves money, business, health and fitness, swimming, cycling, running and hiking. Teaches business and entrepreneurship by day, and teaches swimming by night. Spends free time swimming, cycling and running or hiking, sometimes all in one day. 😝 Personal fb and ig at @bobbyofbrunei LiveWIRE fb and ig at @livewirebrunei Effortless Swim fb and ig @effortlessswim Jangan lepaskan peluang untuk mendengarkan GENERASI 914 #generasi914 bermula Februari 2018. Isnin. Selasa. Rabu. Khamis. Sabtu at 1.30 pm dan ulangan 10 pm #world #youthprogram #radio #2018 (17.5.2018) Penerbit : Zura @zura914pfm

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I recorded the audio and You can listen to it here.


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