Preparing for a 100km

Last year I signed up for the bbtc 100km, but 2 weeks before I had a cycling accident that slightly tore my tendons between collarbone and my arm. Last year I felt I had more training last year. This year I admit I have less training then I did last year, I am just gonna depend on my existing fitness and my stubbornness to get through this. I would like to put down my thoughts here remind myself what I need to do to prepare.

  1. First up is the route, based on my prep last year, I assume from the rough low res route map on the website that is the same. So the start begins at jerudong primary school, from there go towards jeruton to go to the roundabouts leading to kampong katok’s bukit silat (8km eta at pace 10 is 1hr20mins of 1hr 20min)
  2. then going thru bukit silat’s 10km route twice (26km-8km=18km at pace 20 is 2hrs45minx2 =5hr30min of 6hr50min)
  3. Then go back the roundabout that lead to agro (32-26=6km eta at pace 10 is 1hr of 8hr20min)
  4. And then at agro that leads to shahbandar for 3 lengths or 1.5 loops (58-32=16km, 5.5hours of 13hr50min)
  5. Then shabandar thru the sb14 route twice (72-58km=14km at 5.5hours of 19hr 20mins)
  6. And finally, go to tungku to go to pantai berakas to go back to jerudong (95-72=23km atis 4 hours)

For a total of 24.5 hours…

Which is the cutoff time…

My prep other then going thru does routes


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