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Day 25 – Waking up Late, Meeting, and Heaviest Iftar Yet

Somehow I woke up late today, after almost the whole month of waking up early. My guess the lack of sleep on Sunday and Monday caught up to me today. Didn’t wake up at all. Slept through my alarms. I was late for an early morning meeting, thankfully it was moved up to a later time. Decided to take a leave the next day to catch up on rest on the next day.

Afternoon, my wife went grocery shopping for cooking and juicing for the next few days. After that went off to a Restaurant to have our break with my wife’s favorite cousin and husband. Initially, I was going to do what I usually do at buffets, which was in general taste every single food available. But somehow this time I was a bit more selective. Took a spoonful of selected foods, but my plate ended up full anyway. Another strategy is to not drink so much, as liquid will make the stomach full faster. At the end, I had a mix feeling about the end of the buffet. On one hand, I was disappointed, that I couldn’t eat as much as I used to, either a sign of age, or a sign that my stomach is shrinking. On the other hand, I was relieved to know that my stomach can actually shrink, so I am unable to eat to binge or glutton as I used to. Specifically, I used to be able to do 3 rounds of the main course, and have some space for all the desserts. But this time I could only do 2 rounds of the main course, and a bit of space for some desserts. The food that I specifically ate were nasi lemak (fatty rice? oily rice?), fried noodles, crab, chicken, fish fillet, (hey I just realized there wasn’t any beef),  some water melon and papaya, some cakes.  I think drink too much water after eating a lot of food that were expandable caused my stomach to be bloated and caused some discomfort.

I went to the toilet twice to release pressure and for some bowel movement. Technically 3 times as one time I went to the lobby toilet, but it was being cleaned with a sign stating “please go to the 1st floor toilet”, but I went up and found a similar sign but stating “go to the lobby toilet”. So I had to wait a bit longer. But  after the meal was done, Me and my wife decided to walk it off, as my wife was looking for a comfortable walking shoe. Another annoyance came as we walked to one shoe shop that had a sign saying it closes at 10:30pm, but at 9:52pm, the closed sign was already turned. Well no sales for you from us then. Thankfully as the night went by the stomach ache subsided. But I remembered that during the meal, I didn’t drink much. I have a slight fear that when I fast, I would be dehydrated, so I forced myself to drink water, but taking care not to overfill the stomach. That night I slept like a log.

day 24 – khatamalquran, postal packages, triathlon day

Attended a khatamalquran funtion by Jabatan Penjara in the morning. (I was invited as I was involved conducting a workshop for the released) This is a ceremony usually done after 2 to 3 weeks of reading the quran by its section or juz. I haven’t attended one in a long time. unfotunately for me, I came in so early that they placed me next to the VIPs, which were next to the Imam, ustaz, and the officers. I was unsure of what I needed to do. Thankfully, there was a guidebook that was given, so it was just a matter of reading through it, and following cues by the imam or ustaz. being able to read fluently is an advantage of course. thankfully,  that is a skill that stuck to me from arabic school. I went to the office after that to do some work. there I found there was a postal card to pick up some parcels. I have recently used my office address instead of my home, as I found it more convenient. 

went home and my wife was ready to do an afternoon bike ride. Despite the windy and cloudy weatger, and some sporadic rain, we did. Thankfully it did not rain on our ride. She fared better this time around. What worked last time was we cycled out relaxed as a warm up, and cycled back fast. We did the same, and gps tracked she did her fastest 10km ride yet.

We broke fast with mostly food that my wife prepared before we cycled. Tortilla chicken with salad, we bought satay urat (ligament tendon on a stick) for the chondroitin supplement. 

The night I also had a swim class, I was half expecting the pool to be closed because of the rain. But pushed on anyway, went to the pool waited in line, waited for a few minutes for the pool guard to arrive, and went in. It was a productive class, as they students were able to swim the width of the pool.

After the swim class, I went out for a run. I realized this makes today a triathlon training day, as I swim 🏊 , biked 🚲 and ran 🏃 in one day, just not in that order. I learned from last time that I may need to start of slow as a warm up, to avoid my cold joints from being in pain and getting injured. So I warmed up for the first 2km at pace 8, but for the last 3km, I went fast, with a 5.5pace in some instances. MY GPS watch ⌚ was low battery 🔋 at this point, so I turned off the metronome, hoping that it would last longer, thankfully it did. And then at the end, I didn’t pack up and go in a hurry, and I did a few stretches. Targetting my foot and calves with lunges, and downward facing dog, and reaching my toes. I also stood on a ledge to massage the bottom of my foot.

On the way home, My car fuel was low, thankfully I knew a fuel station that was opened up till midnight at kilanas. At home  before sleep, I made sure I drank 750mL of water to hydrate myself. As well as to prepare for the fast the next day.

Day 23 – family tahlil, emotional/inspiring songs and another big break

Joined a family tahlil ceremony(ies?) tradition on my father side. Every ramadhan, usually on a sunday. We go to 4 or 5 burial sites in one day, and recite surah yasin and tahlil. I used an a simple pdf based app I made a few years ago. The tahlil and yasin app I created was from a booklet that my brother had printed for our late father. It was because at that point there was none available then that was close to brunei’s traditions, it is surprising to know that different countries have different practices despite having the same language and the same religion, it was only then I found that the practice is considered by some muslims as bid’ah or innovations, at which different xountries have their own customized customs.
Regardless, I find the customs of yasin and tahlil to be a meaningful practice. For one it gets people to practice the recital of the surah itself. The tahlil, itself is a form of dzikr, or the remembrance or the self reminder towards god, and dedicating it all to the departed loved ones. While the whole practice is also a very good way for relatives to come together. While my uncles like to remind their kids and others of who was who, was buried where, and so on. It makes for a good reminder from where we came, our roots, our commonality.  and it also makes a good reminder of where we all are headed, to know that we will remembered long after our deaths. To be be honest, I feel the whole tradition is for the benefit of the living more than it is for the dead.

The locations we visited were 3 burial sites at Batu Satu, 1 burial site at makam di luba, and finally 1 burial site of my great grandfather at Kuala Belait. I have only started visiting that last site for the last 3 years. I remember my father, often visited that site whenever we were passing by to go to miri. But I had never visited until 3 years ago, where my uncle usually makes it his last stop, but most of us don’t want to make that almost 2 hour trip. That time around I decided I had nothing else left to do, so I went. According to my uncle, my great grandfather, was working in KB, but he got sick and passed away. During those days it would be very troublesome to transport a body that far, and it has always been a custom to bury a body close to the location of death instead of their life.

On a related note, at this point I was already sleep deprived, having only 5 hour sleep. But one trick I learned a while back was to play emotional and inspriring songs. And the feeling I got will usually counteract any sleepiness. Its not heavy metal songs, but meaningful inspiring songs. My playlist that afternoon was Linkin Park, Nickelback, Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic and covers by boyce avenue. Songs that I would belt out to, if I remembered the lyrics.

In the afternoon my swimming class cancelled due to the rain, so we proceeded early to my wife’s sister’s home. We bought some grilled salmon to complement the seafood fried rice they were preparing. Being there early I thought I would finally take a nap, but no, I didnt feel the need. Later that night I slept at midnight again, while waking up early for work the next day.

Me and my wife shared a single salmon. My wife decided to make a simple dessert out of some flour, nutella and ice cream to make a simple lava cake, and separately a sort of sardine puff.

Day 21 – self control, another swim class and a late night run

Friday morning I had a workshop,  it went kinda faster than expected, considering the last session was dragging a bit. Not sure if I skipped a few things. 

During the break, I was mindfully being aware of what I ate. Remembering last time I ate and ran at night, I felt a bit bloated, and was having side stitches during my run. Looked up again a scishow video on side stitches. Its possible that either my stomache wasn’t used to running with food anymore, or there is too much fibre. My fibre mostly coming from the juice my wife made. I don’t think that is the culprit. 

At night had a swim class, this time I didn’t forget to take a selfie at the end of the class. Saw a fee triathletes with some ironman finishers training again at the pool, but this time they trained at the lap pool.

Then I went out on a run, but kept in mind the foot pain I had last time. It was either due to factors such as cold night mixed in with my wet shorts from swimming, and the swimming itself, (not much of a swim, mostly being immersed while teaching), causing the muscles and tendons to be tight and cold, and/or my running was too fast to soon, considering I haven’t been frequently running as I used to. So I went at a very relaxed pace of 8 mins/km. It was tempting to run at a faster pace whenever there were other people around, either them passing me by, or when crossing paths, but my slightly bloated stomache reminded me to slow down (apparently I still ate or drank a bit too much).  but at least the side stitches was only at the beginning. And the foot pain was almost negligible. 

Ended the run with a significantly long stretching session targeting my back muscles, hamstring and calves, mostly lunges and the downward facing dog pose. And a bit of stepping on a low ledge, pressing on the middle of my soles. Its what I used to do to fix my plantar fasciitis a few years back. Hopefully at this early stage I can stave off further injuries with stretches. Something I need to remind myself to do more at this age.

Day 20 – Giving up on another 7 day fast

The day started with a few meetings, went home a bit late. I don’t remember the road having as much traffic jams as I experience during the fasting month. Arrived home to a Delicious smell and I realize that I won’t be able to say no to the food during the break. Apparently the will power to say no to food has diminished. Especially if my wife was cooking, that is my kryptonite, and she hasn’t cooked in a while. If this is the case, then I won’t be able to say no to a lot of things. When the break came, I kept in mind not to over eat, at the end, my tummy felt full, but I still felt a craving. We went out afterwards to buy some groceries, and I was tempted to buy ice cream for myself. But the line was too long, that I didn’t want to wait with all the groceries to get a single ice cream.

Watched Aloha Fluffy on netflix


It’s cool how he reminds everyone that not everyone in Saudi Arabia is as extremist as the news (Fox News) make them out to be.

Before my sleep I did a few stretches to hopefully fix my aching tendons and ankles, as the pain is familiar to plantar fasciitis but on a different location, on the sides instead of the soles of the foot.