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Moon Eclipse and Life Opportunities

I was observing the Moon Eclipse tonight (4 april 2015, 8pm brunei time), from a place that had a few crowds hanging out and walking by, I looked around and it seemed most people were unaware of what was happening. not looking to the sky. The last time I saw the moon eclipse was a few years ago in KK in December 2011. It was a similar environment. Something incredible was happening. Our shadow, earth with us on it, was blocking the sun’s direct light from reaching the moon, at ironically the position that can also be the fullest and the brightest for the moon. If we wand yet not a lot were appreciating it.

The last time I saw it I felt the same awe that I feel now. It was around the time I made the pivotal decision to change my health and fitness. I was 110kg then, I went as far as 90kg last year (now I’m up a bit to 95kg, but I’ll work on it again) and able to do a half ironman where I swam 1.9km, cycled 90km, ran 21km. There are things happening around us, opportunity is abound. and yet most of us are not open to it. Like the uncommon moon eclipse (moon eclipses are more common than sun eclipses). Life opportunities are quite common. Great opportunities come once in a while. Only a few of were aware of it. Few of use will take the time to find about it, and then take the time to make it to appreciate it.

For me the awe is still there. Understanding of how a full moon eclipse happens. How small we are compared to the earth, moon and sun… to the universe. and yet how important we can be to each other, near and far. How one event can be observed and affected by millions of individuals. How each one of us can take the opportunity to make something happen in our lives. To catch that moment. Reminds me of my understanding of the islamic concept of fate – qada’ and qadar. There are events that are fixed in the universe, and then there are events that man has the choice and ability affect. The full moon is a preset event, while the human ability to predict it, to observe it is a choice. Life opportunities are less likely to be predicted, but they can be anticipated, and we can prepare ourselves for that event. We don’t have to just allow events to past us by, we can observe it, we can study it, or we can appreciate it, in some cases. We can create it or create something with it.

This time my pivotal change is more on contribution and financial gains. I have gone far from the last moon eclipse, from losing weight to being able to do a half ironman. I look forward to see the next full moon and look back to my life from the this full moon eclipse. Everything is already set into motion, I would like to be prepared, be there when an opportunity happens. Once in a Blue Moon? How about Once in the eclipse of a full moon?

Heheh, funny how I feel more awe about a moon eclipse than the earth’s revolution around the sun. The Universe is Unimaginably Vast, The Creator truly is Great 🙂

Carpe Diem.

Closing thoughts, If we on earth is experiencing a moon eclipse, the moon is experiencing an earth eclipse. Think about it.


The Many Techniques to Success (of half boiling an egg)

A lot of people tend to give different advises for the same problem. It depends on the individual to try out those solutions. Case in point, my half boiled eggs.


I often brought my attempted boiled egg to office, but the end result was sometimes not really half boiled. My colleagues often advised on their methods.
Here I have a few issues.
1. The solutions in some cases differ in such a way that the result would be different. E.g. 3 mins vs 4 mins boiling vs pour over boiling water. In fact, the perfect solution is highly dependent on several variables , in this case, volume of water, heat source, and current room temperature and pressure. Water can boil at lower temperatures at higher altitudes at lower pressure. Rate of heat transfer is affected by ambient temperature. (I took up chemistry as a major in uni, its funny where I apply these knowledge).
2. The solution provider may not always practice it, but they swear it works. It might work for them, But in truth it might not work for others. As these people often debate amongst each other. A consideration is they might not even boil and eat half boiled eggs often or everyday. (these might be biased due to memories just remembering the time it works).
3. They often project their own reality as universal truths. E.g. The eggs tastes better, in sweet soy sauce, bovril, butter. (I like salty soy sauce thank you). Everyone has a different taste or preference, but that doesn’t stop them from recommending. They would say “it would be more delicious if…” rather than the more accurate “I like it when…”.

You can Google half boiled egg  yourself, but i recommend you experiment your own way (almost scientifically). I previously found the perfect way for me, but since I moved house and started to use induction cooker instead of gas, I am experimenting again. The variables, volume of water (more water takes more time to heat up), the heat setting (higher heat faster rate, but not higher boilimg temp), time of day (certain times are often different temperature), the weather, time spent to boil (if u put in the eggs before boiling), time boiling, time egg left in the water after stopped boiling, and number of eggs.
Mine WAS, in the morning, wait till boiling (reducing error result from rate in boiling), then dropped in the eggs for 2-3 minutes, then remove the eggs from boiling and cool in water. (reduces error from additional heat transfer from still boiling water).
My current issue is I am trying out the lazy and quick way with timer setting on the induction cooker set to boiling. I am down to 3 minutes, but i have to watch out for level of water and number off eggs, as it affects the rate of heat transfer. The heat source is consistent, it is the ambient temperature I need to account for. Also the timer is in increments of 1 min. I can’t set for 2 and a half minute.
For the seasoning, that’s your choice.

My points here though, is that there are many solutions to Success, what works for one person may work for another, but then it might not. There are several variables we have to consider, our current status, where we want to be, and the environmental factors involved. And finally, I prefer people to share their truths, rather than project their truths as absolute truths. Saying “in my case, it was…” rather than “The right way is…”.

Good luck and have fun trying.


Everyone has a choice, including having no choice. I saw a post about how some people have no choice in their sexual orientation, gender identity, appearance, disability, and race. The following text was my reply. Added a few more info in arrow brackets.

Orientation, possible, I almost saw a gay guy turn straight for this one chick, she turned him down.
Gender identity, definitely can, people can have sex change. Although xx or xy chromosome remain.
Appearance, thats what fashion and plastic surgery is for.
Disability, yeah I agree. But they can choose whether that disability defines them or not.
Mental illness, unfortunately I mostly agree, some people are just so down that they cant see the light of day even if it was shining on them. But some do get a breakthrough when they full embrace their power.
Race, interestingly, technically possible. u might not be able to change ur dna, but extensive plastic surgery and a few cultural classes, u cud act and be another race.
Truth as it turns out, is subjective. The truth I submit to is an individual can be powerful when they know they can have choices and they do something. It is more powerful to say that I am the way I am because I CHOOSE to be who I am, rather than because I have no choice. Although having no choice is also a choice.

lessons of war from the hobbit

I recently learnt that the author of the hobbit was a survivor of world war I. and that his writings were inspired from his experience as well as his upbringing and academic interests. knowing this, I watched the movie with a different perspective.  Rather than just taking awe in the scenery,  the fights and the characters.  I viewed it as a story told by a war veteran. The hobbit and lord of the rings shared a common story.
Generally,  the story started with a young man who is by all accounts innocent,  was thrusted into the world of war through promises of adventure and a sense of purpose. There he bonds with his buddies/compadres/friends of different backgrounds and different races. Experiences the action and the casualties of war.  At the end, by chance or by luck he survives, but he suffers from loss of for ends and the trauma of war.  A changed man.
Watching the movie I was saddened to see the reality of war.  It is either the result of a mad dictator realizing their visions come true by oppressing other people (Sauron,  Hitler) , or by people with good intentions but misunderstands and mistrusts each other, especially with a belief of scarce resources (elves vs dwarves / Israel vs Palestine ).
Even sad,  was in all this war,  there is a side that does nothing… us (and USA in world war I).  Seating in our chairs,  comfortable. Obsessed with our own desires, believing that the war has nothing to do with us, that it won’t reach us,  or at the least we cannot do anything in our place. 
This feeling is unsettling. As it probably should. Leaves me with thoughts, such as  what does it take?  And what can I do in my own small way?  To achieve world peace!? To share this insight,  to tell friends,  to inspire others.  That we can live in this world in peace. To help people understand each other,  to trust each other.
Or will there be a need for a bigger villain?  that would unite the world together. But if we don’t get together soon, the smarter villain need not interfere,  for we might just destroy ourselves soon. But here is the scary part,  if we don’t go to war with ourselves,  then the villain will need to either pool their resources together more, or incite war within us anyway to ease their job.
Overall a very inspiring movie. Tolkien may have used stories to share his truth about the bleakness war, on it’s causes and effects. And its consequences to the individual that survives the war. Thank you film makers for realizing his vision, and inspiring the world with stories.
“artists uses lies to tell the truth” – v for vendetta.

Good things, Bad things, and Lessons Learnt in 2014

I arrived home and sat in the car for a while and pondered at what has happened for me this year. I saw and found that I have not posted a lot of pics of what happened to me this year, and so it didn’t reflect very well of what I have done this year. Instead I decided to write what has happened to me and other important things that happened that I felt I could look into. The good, the bad, and lessons learnt.

The Good and the great

  • Did the Putrajaya half ironman in April. It was suggested to me in December 2013, I joined and trained for 4 months till the event and did it all under the cut off times. During my training, I achieved personal bests in cycling and running.
  • Busy with work from January to June. Organized SME Run, Organized the Launching of the LiveWIRE Brunei Business Awards, along with conducting the Business workshops for BEES and LiveWIRE Brunei.
  • July, I tried my hand again in selling waffles at the Ramadhan Stalls.
  • August, went to singapore to take up Landmark Advanced. Really expanded my reality box. Really kicked me in the head with the idea that integrity is the key to success (doing your best to do what you say you are going to do) especially about making money, and opened up the possibility that I can be a key to world peace (seriously, but still trying to figure it out) Met up with a few friends while I was there.
  • September – Started a project that got me almost a thousand dollars. (to replace the money I lost, see the bad in august). My Night Business Class, and my night swimming classes.
  • Continued with my swimming class to add to my Monthly income. Additionally, pulled my wife into it, and now she is getting more students than I am. Pays to be a female instructor.
  • November. Started waking up really early cycling to work.
  • December. Training a friend to run. and Increasing my hiking activities again with a few friends.

The bad:

  • MH370 was lost. It still amazes at this day and age the airlines have not deployed a tracking system for crashed planes.  there were two other notable plane accidents for 2014. Despite the accidents, the statistics still show flying is a safe way to travel. especially when you compare to other transports.
  • I Did not manage to join the panaga triathlon this year. Additionally did not manage to join the Serawak Triathlon this year as well due to a small but significant injury to my big toe from moving tables and chairs.
  • A few notable deaths this year. globally, robin williams. closer to home is found out an old class mates son passed away.
  • Lost my wallet when I arrived in singapore to take up landmark advanced. lost 1,200 dollars, and spent a few more money to replace my cards. Good news, this event and the training I went through pushed me even more to start money making projects.
  • Cracked my ipad and phones (yes phones, my normal one and backup), and then my phone broke down, and then my ipad mini got stolen. really started to think I was cursed at this point.
  • Got a new phone (why is these here? wait for it…) and then broke it withing 10 days. a waterproof phone is not really water proof.

Lessons Learnt:

  • Dealing with Loss. hearing of accidents and deaths around got me to think about it. Broken and then stolen iPad gave me an insight on how I would personally deal with loss, almost like someone you care was gone. (seriously, it was that bad), and a work colleague’s car was stolen, and her experience and reaction concurred with what I felt. (I feel I need to right a bit more on this in the near future)
  • I need to share more of what I know. All the knowledge and skill I have is doing nothing if it is not being used or shared.
  • I can seriously make money out of the things I love to do, including sharing what I know.

Here’s to 2015

Happy New Year! 🙂