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Day 15 – SUP class, the mummy and night hike

Woke up early to send my wife for her SUP class while I watch House of Cards on netflix. then went to office as someone is renting tomorrow and needs it this morning to set up. Since the movie was out, decided to watch The Mummy  starring Tom Cruise in the cinema. I saw a few headlines on youtube and facebook on how bad or pointless the movie was, but I prefer to check things for myself. I feel a lot better doing so, rather than making a decision solely on what someone else says.


The mummy review. The movie was actually fun, it was action packed, thrilling, and some cases were funny. Tom Cruise is not acting as his usual hero character as in Mission Impossible. His character reminds me a bit of Brendan Frasier in the previous version of the mummy, and a bit of Indiana Jones. A reluctant hero, very rough on the edges, and a bit of a rascal. The mummy herself was quite scary, I feel like they borrowed some feeling of the grudge or the ring into this version of their mummy. The movie starts of with some action comedy, in the middle was action thriller. There was a scene where they museum, or the “prodigium” showed artifacts that show existence of other monsters, which they may plan for future franchises for the dark universe.


Overall, I like the adventure, but a bit disappointed in the ending, I felt like there was suppose to be something more. But hey, fans of Tom Cruise will watch it regardless.

After watching the movie, we set off to go home, but first a bit of grocery shopping, and buying my wife’s meal. I was planning to attend a Tahlil event, but I dozed off until just before the break fast time. So that was cancelled, and ended up sharing a meal with my wife, which I do feel full afterwards. I really feel guilty when I feel that full.

Fortunately at night there was a hiking group that I could join. It was going to Bukit Laur from Simpang 247. Note to those who are familiar to the simpang, the signboard was down, and the last bend is getting a lot more tight due to land erosion. Despite some light rain, It was a relatively easy hike, the group was suppose to be full of newbies, but these newbies were fast, so it was a good pace. At the top of Bukit Laur, we could see the cloud or mist flowing over the hills. In some cases, we could walk through the trail without our light on, as the moonlight from the full moon was very bright. Drove home and slept at 1am. Woke up at 6am to open up the office.

20170611 night hike

Weight update is 87kg. I suspect this is technically my normalize weight. Being well hydrated, and my colon filled with food waste. Tempted to start my 7 day fast early to pick up where I left off. or at least just break my fast with kurma at the most.


Day 5 – 48 hours Fast and Wonder Woman

Originally planned to do a morning ride, that was scrapped as we woke up late. Found out Wonder Woman was playing so prepped to watch the movie during lunch time. So this post is also a bit of a review of the movie as well.

I will try not to give away specifics, but in any case. SPOILER ALERT!


The movie was awesome, It was action packed, it was funny, and it was dramatic. The movie started a bit slow, but followed by a few action scenes. I was inspired by a scene, where Wonder Woman driven by other people suffering took an initiative where all others have failed and given up, and succeeded where others did not. And then there was the final triumphant scene that followed after a lost of a compatriot, a part of my mind knew some bits were corny, but I enjoyed the ending. Note there was no post credits scene. Also note that regardless of post credits scene. Overall it was a better movie than Batman or Superman, I hope the Justice League movie is as awesome.


After the movie we dropped by the stalls at Bandar to buy a pre-ordered Pizza from one of the LiveWIRE stalls.  it was 4 flavoured spread over 2 pizzas, which was then shared among 4 adults and 3 kids. My wife juiced a watermelon mixed with some veggies.

At the end of the day I felt so bloated, but somehow I felt thirsty. My guess was the carbs require more water consumption to help it processed. In the morning I woke up early, but after I slept again I had a very vivid dream, (there’s a study that share that a high calorie dinner might cause a vivid dreams or nightmares) where I had a sense that the world was a dream, as in it I was in a hostel in a school that I went in my youth, and celebrating with friends including one I knew that recently passed away. The moment that not only that I realized it was a dream, but I had the power to get out of it by my own will, I woke up.

And thus my pursuit of the 7 days fast continues. I just need to avoid a social break fast.