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From a hater to a peacemaker

In the wake of New Zealand shootings, I have been slightly depressed. Today this video popped up in my whatsapp groupchats, I found a source on youtube and shared it here.

As strange as it sounds, I hope and pray that the attacker (like he guy in the video) gains wisdom, realizes the errors of his ways, and feels the guilt of his mistakes, so that he may make the world a better place.


Non-running driver complains about roadrunners, concern about car drivers.

I don’t mean start a debate, well maybe I prefer a discussion. The issue here will be a clash of perception, beliefs and knowledge.

Non-running and non-cycling drivers believe that the road is only for motorists, while runners and cyclists know that they are road users too. Heck i will put in pedestrians too.

Watch “How to Get to Know Yourself in a Healthy Way” on YouTube

Useful information to do a productive and a positive self reflection.

Added Bluetooth capability to my car’s old audio system

I was thinking about buying those bluetooth speakers with an audio output to connect my car’s auxillary input.

Found this instead, a Bluetooth receiver, still requires aux, and the receiver occasionally requires recharging, but it beats the mess of an auxillary cable.

Extinction on Netflix

An interesting movie with interesting unexpected plot twists. In a time when some movies have become predictable. This breaks the mold by playing us along on those expectations and twists it around.

The trailer and synopsis gives you a hint on those predictable story lines. But the movie reveals that it is more twisted then we could ever imagine.

Michael Pena breaks his stereotype in this movie and performs very well.

Check out “Extinction” on Netflix