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Moon Eclipse and Life Opportunities

I was observing the Moon Eclipse tonight (4 april 2015, 8pm brunei time), from a place that had a few crowds hanging out and walking by, I looked around and it seemed most people were unaware of what was happening. not looking to the sky. The last time I saw the moon eclipse was a few years ago in KK in December 2011. It was a similar environment. Something incredible was happening. Our shadow, earth with us on it, was blocking the sun’s direct light from reaching the moon, at ironically the position that can also be the fullest and the brightest for the moon. If we wand yet not a lot were appreciating it.

The last time I saw it I felt the same awe that I feel now. It was around the time I made the pivotal decision to change my health and fitness. I was 110kg then, I went as far as 90kg last year (now I’m up a bit to 95kg, but I’ll work on it again) and able to do a half ironman where I swam 1.9km, cycled 90km, ran 21km. There are things happening around us, opportunity is abound. and yet most of us are not open to it. Like the uncommon moon eclipse (moon eclipses are more common than sun eclipses). Life opportunities are quite common. Great opportunities come once in a while. Only a few of were aware of it. Few of use will take the time to find about it, and then take the time to make it to appreciate it.

For me the awe is still there. Understanding of how a full moon eclipse happens. How small we are compared to the earth, moon and sun… to the universe. and yet how important we can be to each other, near and far. How one event can be observed and affected by millions of individuals. How each one of us can take the opportunity to make something happen in our lives. To catch that moment. Reminds me of my understanding of the islamic concept of fate – qada’ and qadar. There are events that are fixed in the universe, and then there are events that man has the choice and ability affect. The full moon is a preset event, while the human ability to predict it, to observe it is a choice. Life opportunities are less likely to be predicted, but they can be anticipated, and we can prepare ourselves for that event. We don’t have to just allow events to past us by, we can observe it, we can study it, or we can appreciate it, in some cases. We can create it or create something with it.

This time my pivotal change is more on contribution and financial gains. I have gone far from the last moon eclipse, from losing weight to being able to do a half ironman. I look forward to see the next full moon and look back to my life from the this full moon eclipse. Everything is already set into motion, I would like to be prepared, be there when an opportunity happens. Once in a Blue Moon? How about Once in the eclipse of a full moon?

Heheh, funny how I feel more awe about a moon eclipse than the earth’s revolution around the sun. The Universe is Unimaginably Vast, The Creator truly is Great 🙂

Carpe Diem.

Closing thoughts, If we on earth is experiencing a moon eclipse, the moon is experiencing an earth eclipse. Think about it.

NaPoWriMo #3

Traffic Light Causes Traffic at Roundabout

Once upon a time there was crossroad,
Where all the busy city centres meet,
During peak hours the cars would fill the road,
It would cause a traffic Jam indeed,

Then the goverment wanted to ease it,
decided to create a roundabout to fix it,
The construction originally caused terrible traffic,
Upon completion proved to be terrific,

The main highway had an underpass,
three lanes on the roundabout made it fast,
left lane was for the immediate exits,
the rest was for the later exits,

But soon troubles appeared,
more accidents had occured,
as some drivers would misuse the lanes,
and cause themselves so much pain.

At first the government tried to educate the public,
on TV Showed how to negotiate the through the traffic,
Solid lines was not meant to crossed,
It seemed the message was still lost,

Recently, the government tried to fix it,
Putting a traffic light around it,
Hoping that it would control the traffic,
Alas, it turned out so horrific,

The traffic jams actually became worse,
On the very day it opened first,
cars up to a few miles were waiting
students actually resorted to walking,

I trust the government is wondering,
How on earth was this happening,
while lot of people have been asking,
whose ideas was it for the traffic light placing,

Was there any research done?
Or was the idea a made up one?
was there a simulation that proved,
that the roundabout by a traffic light be soothed,

Now project was up and running,
the project manager head may be asking,
would they have to start all over?
or somehow fix it if they are clever.

Let us wait and see,
if the powers that be,
can solve this problem quickly,
Let us wait and see 🙂

Incriminating the sick and desparate

I was shocked, upset and angry with what i read on tuesday 13-Nov-2012, In the article “Woman found dead in bandar” that “The police pointed out that attempted suicide was an offence under Section 309, Chapter 22 of the Penal Code and carries a jail term of up to one year, a fine or both”. A similar information was given in the Borneo Bulletin on page 9.

It seems to me that the police is more intent on punishing people, then to help them. That to instill fear of punishment, would stop people from attempting suicide. I think it would only resolve their commitment to ensure their death. This rule seems archaic, doing some research, I found from BBC ( that the criminalization for suicide was removed in england in 1961. Are we in Brunei still using such a inhumane and outdated law? Recently in malaysia, they are reviewing this law (, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, the minister of health stated that “If jailing a person will prevent him from committing suicide, then we should do it. However, we are not addressing the problem and treating him so he will not attempt to commit suicide in the future”

People who attempt suicide are people who are distressed, upset, and suffering. They are so desperate that they see death as a release. In many cases, it is a cry for help.
I know it is sinful for people to kill themselves, but people who are suffering and desperate may not see it that way, they are not of clear mind. They need help. But according to this law, if they attempt suicide, and they survive, they will actually be punished for being given a second chance. Will this ruling cause a reduce in suicides? I doubt it. What these people need is support, love and counselling. In order to get back them back on their feet, to clearly see that they have hope.

Let us be reasonable, let us be humane, let us support these people. I hope that this law will be changed soon. So that instead of the threat of punishment, that these people may be able to get help by approaching the proper authorities. I believe that It is better to give them hope in their time of need, and to guide them to continue living, then to threaten them to the point they will not search for help, for fear of further distress. I am angered by the thought of a loved one, if suicidal was to be punished rather than be counselled. How would you feel?

I’d like to share a tedtalk considering this subject matter:

Nasi katok lily

I have been sharing with people about the most hot and spicy nasi katok that I have tasted in Brunei, it is located at Jalan Madang, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam,close to simpang 140 and Jalan 1. Or check I found that a drink of coconut or chocolate milk shake or ice cream helps reduce the stomach upset later on. Have fun 🙂

Brunei vs. Indonesia

This morning seems to be full of posts about Brunei vs Indonesia… not the football match itself (yet), but about the queuing.

At first glance I was a bit embarrassed and disappointed looking at my Bruneian fellows in a chaotic state, as if they weren’t considerate nor courteous. Unlike our Indonesian counterparts as shown below in a pic from one of the posts. I guess, the indonesians respect (or fear) the authorities in this country that is not theirs, that they queued willingly which seems without any help from the authorities.

But looking further, I imagined myself to be in the Bruneian “queue”, I find myself confused and a bit worried. I arrive there seeing the chaotic state, not knowing the head or tails of the queue. Considerate or not (which I believe I am), I would be in that crowd.

I guess our culture or entitlement is at play here. But also that the authorities were not prepared to handle this amount of crowd, and therefore were left short-handed to handle such and event. When it comes to System vs People, it is the system that guides and controls the people. How else would you explain places like MacD being able to train a (often rebellious) teenager to make the same burgers and fries consistently.

I also see post of complaints on how the tickets are finished or not enough, and some are blaming corruption (people inside reserving for other people). I am not really a football fan, but for this event I personally think that the tickets should have been charged, even if one dollar. But preferably a range price (from $5 to $50) for a numbered seat. It would reduce freeloaders, reduce the jam, get in the true fans, and make this event sustainable and even profitable.

The stadium can fit 30,000 people. even if they charged $1 there is $30,000 in revenue, how much does it cost to print the tickets? or hire guards? Oh how that money could be used to renovate the stadium or other costs? This is the final match, between two countries that relatively populate brunei. I bet real fans or even just patriotic nationals wouldn’t mind to pay.  I don’t remember clearly, but I think during the Brunei vs Serawak  in 1999, the tickets cost quite a sum, I remember family mentioned that they paid $100 for the whole family to get in the stadium. The stadium was packed, Brunei won. It is an experience that most people yearn for, to be there, to be a part of something that matters.

I am not a stadium manager, but I am in Business, it is not just about making money, it is about providing value and being sustainable to continuously be able to provide that value. I see that this match provides entertainment, and to the side that wins, gets pride and glory.

I may be a bruneian, but I am in no favor for either side. I can only expect that the best team wins tonite. Congratulations to the winner, and congratulations to all those who got the ticket, for being able to bear witness to this momentous event. 🙂