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Brunei vs. Indonesia

This morning seems to be full of posts about Brunei vs Indonesia… not the football match itself (yet), but about the queuing.

At first glance I was a bit embarrassed and disappointed looking at my Bruneian fellows in a chaotic state, as if they weren’t considerate nor courteous. Unlike our Indonesian counterparts as shown below in a pic from one of the posts. I guess, the indonesians respect (or fear) the authorities in this country that is not theirs, that they queued willingly which seems without any help from the authorities.

But looking further, I imagined myself to be in the Bruneian “queue”, I find myself confused and a bit worried. I arrive there seeing the chaotic state, not knowing the head or tails of the queue. Considerate or not (which I believe I am), I would be in that crowd.

I guess our culture or entitlement is at play here. But also that the authorities were not prepared to handle this amount of crowd, and therefore were left short-handed to handle such and event. When it comes to System vs People, it is the system that guides and controls the people. How else would you explain places like MacD being able to train a (often rebellious) teenager to make the same burgers and fries consistently.

I also see post of complaints on how the tickets are finished or not enough, and some are blaming corruption (people inside reserving for other people). I am not really a football fan, but for this event I personally think that the tickets should have been charged, even if one dollar. But preferably a range price (from $5 to $50) for a numbered seat. It would reduce freeloaders, reduce the jam, get in the true fans, and make this event sustainable and even profitable.

The stadium can fit 30,000 people. even if they charged $1 there is $30,000 in revenue, how much does it cost to print the tickets? or hire guards? Oh how that money could be used to renovate the stadium or other costs? This is the final match, between two countries that relatively populate brunei. I bet real fans or even just patriotic nationals wouldn’t mind to pay.  I don’t remember clearly, but I think during the Brunei vs Serawak  in 1999, the tickets cost quite a sum, I remember family mentioned that they paid $100 for the whole family to get in the stadium. The stadium was packed, Brunei won. It is an experience that most people yearn for, to be there, to be a part of something that matters.

I am not a stadium manager, but I am in Business, it is not just about making money, it is about providing value and being sustainable to continuously be able to provide that value. I see that this match provides entertainment, and to the side that wins, gets pride and glory.

I may be a bruneian, but I am in no favor for either side. I can only expect that the best team wins tonite. Congratulations to the winner, and congratulations to all those who got the ticket, for being able to bear witness to this momentous event. 🙂



Brunei National Day Run in Tutong


The Brunei National Day Run was done in all Districts of Brunei-muara, Tutong, Belait and Temburong. I did the one in Tutong.

There was a 3km fun run, 5km run for under 18, 10km for 18 years and above.

I did the 10km run. My training followed guideline from the book entitled 4 hour body. which is basically a high intensity run of 2.4km, for 3-4 times a week. Added with the POSE technique. I did well for about 5km… then I had to run (i actually walked) up a freaking hill (DAMN that Hill to HAYELL!!!). I’m targetting my peak state in 2007 when I could run 10km/hour, or 6minutes/km.. Sounds fast to some, but pros do it almost half the time or twice that speed. I’ll get there once i reach my peak state first.
Considering the Hill was my weakness, I’m tempted to train running up that hill.. or any other hill for that matter..
Here’s my endomondo map with my lap times

endomondo map of my 10 km Run

There are more pics on my facebook

I compiled a video that I took and upload it on youtube.

Athan Prayer Time

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I’ve used the Athan Prayer Time from previously to keep track of prayer time, But i’ve recently compared it with the schedule from and found it a significantly off, so I’ve tweaked at the settings to find the same results.

Alas, I could not.. entirely.. The time of suboh, sunrise, maghrib and isyak is now the same, but the zuhor and asar prayers are off plus/minus 1 minute. well at least the maghrib one is on the dot. Break fast time is important in this month of ramadhan. 🙂 the settings i change was to set it to twilight degrees for fajr at 20 degrees and isyak at 18 degrees. if anyone can make it the same as the Brunei schedule please tell me.

Also I also managed to embed a small daily schedule on, I have yet to manage to put it on this blog. something to do with incompatibility of iframe and Additionally, there is a mobile phone software version. if anyone wants to try.

Difference between Pool Swimming and Open Swimming

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I have been practicing Total Immersion Swimming for a few months now, and I have become faster and longer lasting. I have only been practicing in a swimming pool. Last friday I saw an article about the RBAF Triathlon this 31st July 2011, and they had a group category, If it was only individuals then I wouldn’t go, I don’t have enough training or equipment for 10km run and 40km cycle. So I signed up with the intention to just do the open swimming. I subsequently have found my team members.

Having been practicing total immersion based on time per lap and total time, I had no true idea how far I could actually swim, so yesterday, I actually counted my laps. I found I could do 30 laps easily. (1 lap is 2 lengths both ways), so I could actually swim 3km! This morning, there was an open swim trial run at the watermanship centre at pantai serasa. and I rediscovered (I did one in 2005, but i was then too tired/weak to realize most of this) the difference between swimming in a pool and swimming in the open. Here are the things I found out.

  • The water is salty! – it stings the eyes, mouth and nose! The discomfort slightly distracted me. Reminder to have some mouth wash in the bag.
  • The water was muddy! The place is more like an estuary rather than the ocean. this has its pros and cons, I don’t see anything strange, but I don’t see where i’m going either.or whether i’m swimming straight. it also made the next issue worse.
  • There are no underwater lines! – there are only buoys that are the turning points. I think there should have been floating lines on the right, just so I could track my location. In this case there wasn’t. I thought I could just use 1 swimmer on my right, even then that was difficult to see. Initially I stopped after 40 strokes (yes I count them, what else am I do underwater? sing?) and found that I was often off course, and had to stop for a while to locate the buoy. The waves only made it worse, it kept pushing me in either direction. I finally found 10 to 20 strokes were best times to look up and see where i’m headed. So unlike pool swimming, I often had to do correction above water.
  • initially there will be crowd, and facekicked or facekicking is a possibility – this one i didn’t experience, but the experienced triathlete share it with me. I guess i’ll be experiencing this on sunday. His tip was swim faster initially to avoid the traffic.. I think I’ll just swim at the outer edge.

So the lessons I learned about open swimming is basically, withstand the pain/discomfort and move on, (also bring mouth wash), Focus on the turning points/buoys, unfortunately constantly focusing on the goal itself is not efficient if you swim while looking at them, it is more efficient to do what you need to do (swim) , and frequently/occassionaly check whether you are on the right course, and do corrections if necessary.

Last but not least, I’d like to share that I was the first one to finish out of 5 people at 31 minutes. 2 were military, 1 is an MOE officer who is an avid triathlete. 1 person knew of the total immersion technique, but has yet to master it, he was 3rd place. Some thought that I either had strong legs or hands, but I’d like to emphasize that the total immersion technique is practically effortless for me, and I believe that a person who has mastered the technique would find that out as well. Finally, I would like to add that I may have beaten 4 guys in swimming, I’d like to acknowledge that they would definitely kick my ass in cycling and swimming. I’ll be working on that after raya. I heard there will be a national triathlon held at the end of this year.

For more information on the RBAF triathlon go to

For more information on total immersion search for it on youtube or this linkes

Now where is that mouth wash…

15 aspire to join Everest team | Brunei NEWS, Brunei HEADLINES from Brunei fm

Mount Everest from Kalapatthar.

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Waaaah… To climb Mount Everset.. I already Climbed Gunung Kinabalu… Iski kan cuba, but I know there are more qualified (fit) people then me who should go. I think it would take more dedication than I currently can afford to prepare such a feat. But if anyone’s interested go on and try. Spreading the news is all I can do right now. This article was posted in august 2010.

15 aspire to join Everest team | Brunei NEWS, Brunei HEADLINES from Brunei fm.