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Brunei National Day Run in Tutong


The Brunei National Day Run was done in all Districts of Brunei-muara, Tutong, Belait and Temburong. I did the one in Tutong.

There was a 3km fun run, 5km run for under 18, 10km for 18 years and above.

I did the 10km run. My training followed guideline from the book entitled 4 hour body. which is basically a high intensity run of 2.4km, for 3-4 times a week. Added with the POSE technique. I did well for about 5km… then I had to run (i actually walked) up a freaking hill (DAMN that Hill to HAYELL!!!). I’m targetting my peak state in 2007 when I could run 10km/hour, or 6minutes/km.. Sounds fast to some, but pros do it almost half the time or twice that speed. I’ll get there once i reach my peak state first.
Considering the Hill was my weakness, I’m tempted to train running up that hill.. or any other hill for that matter..
Here’s my endomondo map with my lap times

endomondo map of my 10 km Run

There are more pics on my facebook

I compiled a video that I took and upload it on youtube.


Brunei National (Indepedence) Day and the Oscars on the same “Day”

23rd February 2009
Spent the National Day at My Sister-in Law’s Place in KB. Watched TV most of the day. Interestingly I found that the Oscars were happening at the same “time”. National Day Parade in the morning in Brunei, Oscars happens in US, the other side of the world at the same time, but different dates.. makes you think. Anyway, I “almost” cried to tears when I saw Heath Ledger Post-humously receiving an Oscar. There was a standing ovation. Damn. Again.. Makes you think.. He  deserve it though. We can only wonder what his future performance would show.. but alas..

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