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Survival of the Moderately Fit

A while back I was researching into the rare cases of heart attacks in runners. The most classic in point was the legend of the marathon runner, Pheidippides.

I read through the wiki page, which lead me to an article on sudden death in athletes, to

It seemed that these articles referred to defects that were never diagnosed. In 2012, I saw a TedX video by a Cardiologist runner, explaining that too much running may be unhealthy.

Recently this research popped up again with Dnews.

it basically mentions the same thing, more details were available in the Tedx talk.

I love running, If I can I would do it everyday, But according to research, I might need to drop it down a notch. Darwin was wrong, it is not the survival of the fittest, it is the survival of the moderately fit.

Based on this research, now most of my workout is often not to vigourous, maybe once a week is speed work, once a week long relax run, everything else in moderation, but at least one rest day a week. Generally runners still live 6 years longer than non-runners. But everything in Moderation. I would like to attain and maintain 10km under 1 hour.

I don’t need to run fast, I just need to run, I see myself running even when I am above 60 years. Hope to see you running then 🙂


Ran 10k barefoot NaPoWriMo #5

I ran 10k barefoot,

I joined scb run,
10k for fun,
It was a slow start,
People in front had dart,

1st k I ran relax,
I saw myself almost at the back,
2nd k a few people I passed,
They were no longer that fast,

3rd k I saw still more runners in front,
Faster runners there were a lot,

4 k I was going uphill,
Bending gravity to my will,
5 k it was all downhill,
I went down with a thrill,

6 k I passed a few more walkers,
I heard a few who were talkers,
Running barefoot they would never try,
As if had they tried they would die,

After 7k it was all flat,
I was still feeling great,
8k I felt like going faster,
and saw some 21km runners,

9k I decided,
with a desire undivided,
to run as fast as I can,
to complete the kilometre of ten

before I completed the run,
there were cheerers having fun,
chanting to everyone that ran,
to keep them running as fast as they can,

loudly chanted one crew,
no shoe, no shoe, no shoe,
I felt so excited,
that my efforts were appreciated,

Last 10km I ran,
Passed a lot of people that I can,
When I crossed that finish line,
I told my self that I will do it again another time.


Excited to run 10k this weekend

I did a trial run of the 10k route last weekend,


I was running relaxed with my wife, her pace not mine. But we did quite well. I used endomondo to track my run, unfortunately the app crashed in the last 10k. Looking at the lap times, we definitely could have done better.


I’m hoping on the day the huge amount of ppl will get us pushing ourselves faster a bit more.

Safe running on the road

I have been meaning to post this for a while now. When I run or when I drive around and see people run, I have the urge to discuss with them on what is the safe method of running on the road.  The following are my own logical thoughts.

Be aware. Run against the traffic. Be able to see the road and other road users.  It is safer because you get to see the incoming traffic, so you can react if you have to. You cannot expect every driver to be considerate and focused on the road. the only time that running with the traffic is allowable is during mass runs. This is because during these runs the polis and ambulance escorts are around.
Be visible on the road. Wear light coloured or contrasting striped clothing, this is in order for the other road users to be able to see you. At nite wear reflectors or blinking lights, there are certain running shoes that already reflectors. I have even seen some people having lighted shoelaces.
Be considerate, run to left of the side walk. Useful when dealing other runners who are not running with the traffic. This is for their safety, I can clearly see the traffic that they don’t. Exceptions are when they seem to stubbornly want to that lane, or don’t see me coming. In that case give them way. I don’t want them to avoid me by going into the road, while not seeing the car behind them and getting into an accident.
Plan your routes. Try to see which paths reduces the risk of crossing road lanes. Interestingly, going against the traffic tends to fulfil this objective.
Keep safe. Especially when you need to cross the road. Look both sides before crossing. If crossing a junction with a car going out, make eye contact and signal them, if not just go behind them.

Training for a Triathlon

I was actually training for the half marathon, and then I want to join an upcoming labuan cross channel swim.

For run training I have been using High Intensity Interval Training based on the Four Hour Body which I also based my diet nowadays. The training is basically a 2.4km run in the following effort and timing.

* 400m fast run followed by 1 min 30 second rest. (total 800m)

* 100m sprint with 10 seconds rest x 4 rounds (total 1.6km)

The technique I adopted in running is the POSE method. Which is basically:

  • Landing on the balls or flat on my feet BUT NOT on my heels.
  • Focus on cadence (number of steps per minute) rather than stride
  • Using my centre of gravity to lean me forward and “catch” myself when I fall forward, rather than pushing using my back leg.
  • minimizing my arm movements.

I did a 10km run,and with a heart rate monitor, I tried to maintain within my aerobic heart rate, which allowed me to run continuously for 10km in 1 hour and 12 minutes. I honestly feel with this training I’ll finish the half marathon with a good pace 🙂

Also I recently bought online a watch that can count my laps. it’s called poolmate. so now I know how fast, far and efficient I have been swimming with the total immersion technique. The last one I did was 5.5km in 2hours and 2minutes and 59 seconds.

I used endomondo to track my activities. I just realized I did an exercise every day for the whole week. I feel I could do this everyday for every week of every month 😀

I feel like I can take up a triathlon :p I just need to take up cycling again. where can I get a good cheap one?

hmmm… when and where’s the next one?