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5th Special Olympics NBD

18 March 2010, Thursday – A special olympics was held at Padang Balapan Stadium Berakas. Sports activities started in the morning, and the official opening was held in the afternoon. Organizations, Associations and Centres associated to people with special needs were involved and participated in the event. The official opening started with a parade of the participants and volunteers in the special olympics.

Police Parade

Volunteers carrying special olympics banner

Scouts Volunteers holding up the special olympics banner There were several sport activities held, such as running/walking, Football, Bowling and Bocce

Girl about to bowl

Girl Playing Bocce

boys playing football

boy in a walk raceThe sports events continued until saturday, 20th March 2010.

More pictures of the event is available on my facebook:


Special Olympics Briefing

7th March 2010, Sunday – A Briefing on the Special Olympics was held to inform parents, teachers and relatives of special kids to participate the special olympics. Among the attendees were teachers and students from Pusat Bahagia Tutong.

Teachers/Staff from Pusat Bahagia

Teachers/Staff from Pusat Bahagia

Among the topics the speaker talked about were:

  • To not be berated about participating the special kids to the Special Olympics, as this might be an opportunity for those kids to do things that other “normal” kids nor adults do.
  • How some special kids had the opportunity to compete regionally as well as internationally.
  • How some special kids are at times better in physical sports than most normal kids, citing a special kid that was running with the Olympic torch at a speed of 8 minutes per kilometer. (That’s about 2 round and a half of the running track in 8 minutes)
  • How participating might lead to other opportunities such as a previous special kid was invited to, and participated in climbing up Mount Kinabalu.
  • The speaker called more special kids in Tutong to represent, as previously there has only been 5.

It was informed that Training for the special olympics will be held at Sekolah Menengah Berakas on Friday Morning starting from 12 March 2010.

Any interested parent or guardian can send their special kids for training and apply for their kids to participate in the Special Olympics.

Representatives of the Special Olympic CommiteeMore pictures at