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Listening to sound

Never realized we can see/sense sound through are eyes. Although, it might be illuisionary :p I have felt music on my skin, forgot that you experience more of the sound when you are playing it.. now where is my old guitar.. it would be nice sense the music again.


Last week my mother had a stroke a day after her “succesful” operation to remove a small tumour in her lung. At that point, she could not move her right side, could not talk, and I don’t know whether she can understand the words that I say. In my search for self-consolation, I searched for information on stroke. One of the things I found was a TEDtalk by a brain scientist-Jill Bolte Taylor, who herself suffered a stroke, and how she decided to recover from it. Which gives me hope that my mom can recover herself. I hope by sharing this video from I can share my sense of slight relief with others who may feel the same.