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Card Games

Played big 2 and sam chong till after midnight at someone’s house last week, Strangely that night I dreamt about Wildstorms card games, the day after I searched for an online game of big 2 aka chor tai ti, I found a simple one here Rules are slightly different from what I’m used to play, and you can’t organize the cards easily. But it is suppose to be able to have net play, haven’t tested it though.

About the wildstorms card game, I had a chance to catch up on what’s up thru reading wikipedia. Not as enjoyable as reading the actual comic, but good enough to know what is different now. Apparently the Comic market is not doing as well as I had imagined it to be. There goes my dream as comic book artist :p


Pocho-pocho before the Run

Every wednesday afternoon on a school day, Pusat Bahagia often have a walkathon/jogathon. This time there was a pocho-pocho dance before the run.

I enjoy the runs/walks. And I’m beginning to see some truth in the forest gump movie… Some of these kids just don’t understand being tired 🙂


found an intersting comic at about skifree. didn’t know you could press the f key to go faster to try and escape the monster at the end.

found the “officialest” website for skifree at to download the game.