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Interviewed on the radio

Conducted a Leadership Camp Programme in April 2018, one of the participants was a DJ from pelangi fm, she Interviwed me a week later, and my interview was aired on national radio.

I mostly talked about my job at LiveWIRE Brunei as a Business Counsellor, teaching and helping people starting and running their business. I spent the last half of it talking about me teaching swimming at night.

I find a lot of similarities between coaching someone in business, and coaching someone in swimming.

I was highlighted on the pelangi fm instagram at


I recorded the audio and You can listen to it here.



Have enough blood to give blood


My sister is proud to show off that she is fit enough to give blood. She usually has a low blood count that she is sometimes not allowed. This time she had more blood count then previous. She credits it to her new recent slow carbon diet, as well as her hiking since new years. Her blood count is higher in spite of her weight being down from last year. The blood department is always requesting for more blood donations. The demand for it is high, while the supply is often low. The demand is due to operations, accidents as well as health conditions that require blood transfusion. If you want to donate blood, go to the hospital (during office hours is best) and donate. In order to donate blood you need to fulfill certain criteria. Basically you should be fit. Here is the list. 1. At least 55 kg. 2. Must not be sick recently. In the last 2 weeks. 3. Must not be taking medication. Not even panadol on that day. supplements do not count. 4. For women, not during their menstrual period or if their pregnant. Before you donate blood you will be given a check if you are fit to donate blood. First is a form that asks you a lot of questions regarding your health. Then a fitness check. Checking your blood pressure and heart rate. Then off to getting your blood. You have the option of getting local anesthetic. (i challenge you to try it without). then they take less then litre of your blood. The best part for me is they usually have food and giveaways. For more information check out the blood donation fb and twitter.

Pusat Bahagia Went Out to the Movies

Once in a while Pusat Bahagia from all districts are invited by the Seri Qlap Cineplex to watch a movie on a saturday morning.

On the 3rd April 2011, The movie that the Students and Staff watched this time was Mars Needs Mom.

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Olympic Day Run 2010

On 20th June 2010, sunday – the olympic day run was held. The Starting line was at the Indoor Stadium and the Finishing Line was at the National Stadium.

The event started off with a warm up /stretching exercise.

There were several categories, and so different categories started at different times.

The starting horn was sounded off by His Royal Highness Prince Haji Sufri.

Even the prince participated in one of the categories.Depending on the categories, the distance and routes were different.
The finishing line was at the front of the national stadium berakas. Where volunteers kept track of the runners that finished.The runners and volunteers rested while waiting for everyone to finish.The top runners were asked to sit on chairs so they could be organized in the prize presentationAll runners that finished were given a certificate stating that they participated in the olympic day run.In the closing ceremony, his highness was asked to present prizes to the top runners in the various categories.

If you were a participant in the event and you want to tag yourself. you can go to my facebook photo album.

I’m running 10km this sunday

This sunday is the olympic day run at berakas stadium. I am going to join in the fun.

Honestly I haven’t run the distance in a while, heck i haven’t done distance running in a while. but i tested myself this week 10 round of the running track (4km) and I did fine in my own pace. although slower than my speed when I did the marathon in 2005.

incidentally, i found a few articles stating that running statistically improves lifespan

Anyone one to join? I put an event invite on my fb