Learning to let go

On occasion I do get insights from running. Previous was about how barefoot running reflects life in a way that I need to look where I’m stepping, and in the case I do step on something sharp and or hard I need to react quickly. This run I got myself a hydration system for long run. I was planning for half marathon today.
On the way back, my feet started to become tender and the paved roads was getting hot from the sun. At some point I stepped onto a thorn, looking at my feet I saw how tiny and thin the thorn was, how easy it is to miss those little things. I actually had ran a few more steps thinking the thorn would drop off, like the sharp small rocks that I usually step on, but it lingered. Apparently it wasn’t enough for me to passively wait for it to drop off. Had I continued on, the thorn would have gotten deeper. I needed to stop, take a look at it, and take it out.
After that I realize there this little things in the past we could easily let go, but there are those thing that come back to bite us. The longer we leave it there, the deeper it gets. The more difficult it is to take it out, in some cases they become a part of the us. For better or for worse.
There are thing I need to deal with that I have postponed for so long, it upsets me when I remember that I haven’t done what I planned to do, for one reason or another. I need to organize myself. I have been pondering on how to organize myself better, I have researched on time management. I need to find the time to pick this small thorns out of my life, and run my life the way I want.<p


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