Safely Running on the Road

Run Counter Traffic

You can see incoming cars more easily, and react accordingly. Car drivers may be able to see you from your front rather than your back. Where I am from most people run with the traffic. I think it is remnants of the race competitions that actually run with the traffic. But I think this is only for convenience of the traffic police and the organizer.

At a Junction

Look both ways before crossing. Go behind the outgoing cars, they rarely look both ways.

Night Runs

Wear lights, a lot of lights. Wrist band, arm bands, waist bands, headlights, shoe lights, shoe laces lights. The more lights you have the more visible you are, the safer you can be. But it is understandable that we don’t want to waste time wearing lights and just go run. I personally am satisfied with an arm band light and a headlight. But I have seen some people wearing a whole light set while running. I guess they were training all night, therefore they might as well be really visible at night.

get the nite ize marker band or the nite ize slap wrap. Additionally, you can ensure your phone does not turn off its display screen. It may take up battery life, but you’d be safer.

Tight Bends

Car drivers can sometimes be blinded by the bend, but still proceed with their normal speed anyway. Again counter traffic running is recommened, and additionally you may stretch your hands wide on your side to ensure that the driver can see you. This is probably also more effective if you have a lighted wrist band.


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