Training for a Triathlon

I was actually training for the half marathon, and then I want to join an upcoming labuan cross channel swim.

For run training I have been using High Intensity Interval Training based on the Four Hour Body which I also based my diet nowadays. The training is basically a 2.4km run in the following effort and timing.

* 400m fast run followed by 1 min 30 second rest. (total 800m)

* 100m sprint with 10 seconds rest x 4 rounds (total 1.6km)

The technique I adopted in running is the POSE method. Which is basically:

  • Landing on the balls or flat on my feet BUT NOT on my heels.
  • Focus on cadence (number of steps per minute) rather than stride
  • Using my centre of gravity to lean me forward and “catch” myself when I fall forward, rather than pushing using my back leg.
  • minimizing my arm movements.

I did a 10km run,and with a heart rate monitor, I tried to maintain within my aerobic heart rate, which allowed me to run continuously for 10km in 1 hour and 12 minutes. I honestly feel with this training I’ll finish the half marathon with a good pace 🙂

Also I recently bought online a watch that can count my laps. it’s called poolmate. so now I know how fast, far and efficient I have been swimming with the total immersion technique. The last one I did was 5.5km in 2hours and 2minutes and 59 seconds.

I used endomondo to track my activities. I just realized I did an exercise every day for the whole week. I feel I could do this everyday for every week of every month 😀

I feel like I can take up a triathlon :p I just need to take up cycling again. where can I get a good cheap one?

hmmm… when and where’s the next one?



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