Not so long ago, I stumbled frequently on the subject of financial intelligence, it got me thinking, what was financial intelligence? I know a few things, but when I look around I found different definitions. Heck, what is intelligence? And when I went swimming the thoughts stormed my mind.

What is Intelligence?
Intelligence is what we know, how we attain it, use it, share it.
Why is it important?
It is important because it helps us too survive as an individual and as a species.
What types of intelligence are there?
If it is for us to live, then we can use the trinity of mind, body and soul. Intelligence of mind how to use our minds, how to think, how we communicate our thoughts, how we learn things. Intelligence of body is knowing how to take care of it, how to improve it, how to make it last long. Intelligence of soul is how we know ourselves and connect it to something greater than ourselves.
One may also look at maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
Physiological and safety (mind and body), we need knowledge how to survive, how to keep on surviving. That is mainly to get and maintain the resources including, food, water, money, etc.
Belonging, how to make and keep friends, how to work and live with each other. For the benefit of the self and others.
self esteem (mind and soul), how to take pride in owns achievements, learn to give praise to one self and others.
Self actualization(soul), learn to do what one really wants or enjoys. A skill or activity that may not be necessary, but one that gives satisfaction to one self. This may include music, dance, games, art, and many more.

I have read about the standard intelligence, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, etc.
One can argue that there are a myriad of other types, which can be related to any of the types suggested above. What is important is not which is better than the other, but which of the intelligences would benefit us as individuals and as a whole.

Another aspect to consider is the level. there can be none, rudimentary or fundamental, technical, practical, and what some would call genius.

The next few articles I’d like to elaborate more, and which I have knowledge to, or I’d like to explore are the following:
Financial intelligence,
ICT intelligence
Business intelligence,
Musical intelligence,
Athletic intelligence,
Swimming intelligence,
Health and nutritional intelligence,
Creative intelligence,
Problem solving intelligence,
Scientific intelligence,
Memory intelligence,
Academic intelligence,
Communicative intelligence,
Social intelligence,
Persuasive intelligence,
Emotional intelligence.

I will google this up, or wiki it, but I’d like to get readers can suggestions or comments on my thoughts, I’d like to get some feedback and discussions going.


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