Completed my triathlon!

I finally made a decision to do the whole triathlon individually this year. Previous 2 years, I had been doing the swimming for teams category. One time I think in 2007 I tried individual, but did not finish due to my bike tyre being flat, but then again I remembered that I actually struggled in the swum part then.
For the past few years I’ve been rebuilding my ability in running and swimming. I can do the 1.5 km swim around 30mins easily due to total immersion technique, and I can do the 10km run just over an hour (still training to get my 2007 sub 1 hour), thanks to 4hourbody High intensity interval training, pose technique, and chi running. I had only to build the cycling part.
I bought the cheap urata brand roadbike for under $400 early in June this year. The triathlon was on 7th July 2013. One month away.
Looking at my research I need to do 2 things. 1. Build my cycling endurance. this should he easy as I’ve done endurance swims and runs.
2. Build my engine, or power, this will ses a variation of HIIT.

In my short time in training, I realized that knowing how to bike is different from knowing how to bike fast. During my long steady rides, other cyclists would easily overtake me. I was using the low heat to get up even low gradient hills, while these people were using the big high gear. I was going an average of 22km/h, and they were going 30 maybe even 40km/h or more.
When the day came,  I swam a good 33mins for my 1.5km, an unexpectedly fast (for me) 1hr 41min for my 40km cycle. And a lazy/tired 1hr 25min, for a total of 3 hr and 39mins.
I know I overtook a lot of people during the swim, cause when I cycled most of them overtook me, especially during uphills, In the run I felt really heavy (so that’s why they call it a brick run) and when I arrived, the closing ceremony was just beginning.
Apparently I just need to maintain my swim, do more work on my engine, and do more brick runs. Looks like my brick runs didn’t push my cycling to apoint my running was affected, I’ve only done brick runs with 20km cycle with 5km runs. I may need to increase intensity and frequency. As well as to cycle on a group to push myself to their level.Remind myself to check cycling buddies on facebook for group rides.
For now in the fasting month I may train before iftar, or after terawikh, last year I noticed a few people training around the stadium and I tried it out.
Upcoming triathlon in brunei (which is still pending confirmation) is a half ironman/ long course triathlon (3km swim, 100km cycle, 21km run) in November this year. And also the sprint triathlon organized by panaga.

For now I am a TRIATHLETE!!!! 🙂
Next stop IRONMAN!!!
(hey… Does that make me a quarter ironman?)


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