Fasting day 4 – aiming for 48 hours fast.

I have to admit, I was disappointed at myself for not making the 7 day fast. I have now decided to make it as long as I am able, at some point I will face social pressures and that I seem to have a weakness. If only I can break my fast by myself or just with my wife I can carry on. But to break with other people is just too tempting. I figure I will still lose weight anyway, but not as much.

This day started of with work, I did spend sometime in the toilet to defecate, it was more difficult and painful than usual, my guess the body was already not used to moving foods around. We were planning for a short bicycle ride after work before the break. But it rained.  We drove for a while around BSB, and when it stopped raining we decided to hike at Tasek Lama. Just sarang pipit as it was already late after 5pm. We did 1.6km hike in about 30mins.

The stalls were still selling drinks, so at the end of the hike, my wife bought the sugarless coconut drink. Tempted to get my own, considering it has no sugar, and my bpdy will still metabolize fat from the drink, but it still contains calories, so my body will use the calories from the drink instead of my body. 

Since my wife had a craving to reward herself with cake, we dropped by le apple at menglait. It started to rain heavily again as we drove there and went home.

We arrived home just in time. My wife broke her fast with her meals while I just drank water. But as the smell was so enticing, I asked for a sliver of fish she bought. I know a bit of a cheat. Just a bit. I just trust that the calories in that sliver is insignificant enough.

Went to bed early at 10pm, woke up at 5am, unfortunately no time to drink, and went back to sleep. My urine this morning is pale, so I trust that I had enough water last night.

This morning my weight is Almost close to my lowest weight of 88.5kg in February before my injury. I think at the end of the week I should be able to reach that. 

I am thinking I may evemtually be able to fast the 7 days, as long as I avoid social dining. It would be easy during workdays. So next week I am confident I can do at least 5 days. But today I plan to break.


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