Day 18 – Day 1 juice fast attempt failed.

Went to work in the morning, had several meetings. Afternoon originally wanted to cycle, but my wife felt she needed more time to recover. So we didn’t bike, but we went out hunting for food. My wife wanted to buy a specific 3 in 1 drink at the supermarket and grocery store, but couldn’t find it. but with every failure she bought something else instead. So she bought more stuff than we needed.

We also looked for grilled salmon fish, my wife’s usual food stall wasn’t selling that day, so that caused us to explore and look around for other sellers. I noted that there were a few people selling from the side of the road. Legally speaking they are probably not allowed to that, but then again, it is a way for them to get income. But my concern is not the legality, but more on the part that they are selling at a non-commercial area. It is cheap (free) rental, but I wonder if they get a lot of people dropping by. In comparison to people who rented a stall at the commercial areas such as gerai ramadhan at the stadium or at bandar.

During the break, my wife provided the juice, and as I noticed that there was a lot of food, I helped out with finishing it. So my juice fast was spoilt. By 9pm I decided if my fast juice fast was spoilt, then I might as well get a food that I haven’t had in a while. So I bought a fast food drive thru, with some ice cream and some snacks. I realized that I haven’t properly binge, or a proper cheat day. It’s not just eating a lot, It’s also about eating food that we want.

Slept after 12am, but I woke up early nonetheless. Is it the fast that is causing the body not to need so much sleep? One video on fasting I found mentioned that during fasting the body produces more epinephrine (adrenaline), So I guess it is a natural stimulant.


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